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Racing Spectacles World Class!

Jorma Kontio, Stig H Johansson, Erik Adielsson and Bjorn Goop, all Scandinavian Top Trainers and Drivers. They, and all the other European top drivers, uses UK Trotting racing goggles, simply because they are the Original and World Class!

UK Trotting is a small but expansive company, focused on supplying the world of Trotting with racing specs. We have our roots in the Optical trade, and knows how spectacles should perform.

Our goal is to be able to supply all drivers of harness horses with our spectacles. Therefore we offer not only plano lenses, but also lenses with Your own prescription! We can give You specs for all kinds of weather, sunny as well as the grey and rainy days.

You can Yourself choose what colour You want on Your new glasses, You have the spectra of the rainbow to choose from!

The frames are of our own design, with superior quality and the lenses have a special Hard Coat on both sides to ensure optimal durability. We have a warranty of 2 years against problems that occur from the manufacturing of the frame and lenses.

Stig H Johansson

Erik Adielsson

Björn Goop

Jorma Konti


UK Trotting AB

Gudmundsbyn 175
SE-857 51 Sundsvall
Phone: +46 703 14 23 19
Fax: +46 60 57 72 80